UR Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit is located at the HLA Vistahermosa hospital clinic - one of the state-of-the-art and newest centres of the Valencian Community.

Since 1983, our success comes from a work model that combines training, research and teaching.

Our priority is to provide personalised treatment, by a multidisciplinary team, using cutting-edge technology.

Performing more than 11.000 procedures each year, we are proud our success rates place us at the forefront in our field. We apply the most modern techniques to achieve the best results.

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What makes us different

Hospital location. Located within a hospital environment: HLA Vistahermosa hospital clinic. One of the state-of-the-art and newest centres of the Valencian Community.

Personalised treatment. We don’t work with patients, we work with people and therefore we offer a personal, convenient and reliable service.

Multidisciplinary team. We understand that the difficulties in the reproductive processes have to be treated from different fields in order to be able to cover them completely.

Time optimisation for the patient. Our entire team works together in order to avoid any delay when carrying out the reproduction treatments.

Cutting-edge technology. Our continued investment in cutting-edge technology enables us to perform any reproduction technique.
Complex processes. We are specialised in the following type of problems: repeated miscarriages, implantation failures, semen pathology in males, genetic alterations.

International department. We provide assistance, advice and information from the very first moment you contact us. We also take care of all the problems so that distance is not a problem.

Quality of the processes. This is a priority in our job. We are audited by governmental institutions and external and internal auditors every year and we manage to obtain the best ratings in this field.

Rates and results. Our results are well above the averages published in the Spanish Fertility Society. This allows us to offer a Warranty Program which refunds the patient the cost of the treatment if the desired pregnancy is not successful.

Treatments, Tests and Investigations

Patients from abroad


We think that patients who undergo fertility treatment need to feel supported throughout the entire process in addition to the most advanced technology. For this reason, an international department coordinator will be available to monitor your case and respond to any questions at all times. She will be the link between you and your medical team and will provide support during each phase of the treatment.

In the spirit of saving time on transfers and stays here in this country, we are able to set up communication with your own gynaecologist coordinating the most appropriate treatment for the medical indication. To facilitate the process and organise your stay we have:

  • Accommodation management: you can avail of deals we have negotiated with accommodation providers in our city.
  • Management of transfers: we will organise transfers to our reproduction unit and collection at the airport.
  • A range of various Guarantee Programmes or refunding, which are individually adapted and customised according to each patient’s needs.


Avda. de Denia, 103
Alicante, 03015

+34 672 272 961



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