Work - Home life balance

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Key Points

  • It’s important to balance work responsibilities and home life.
  • These strategies can help you find balance.
Looking after our wellbeing includes being able to balance work responsibilities with home life. This can be challenging when we have jobs that require a lot of hours or that are emotionally or physically demanding. It can also be challenging when working from home, where there are distractions and interruptions.

Have a routine

It’s important to have a routine and break down your days with work time and off time, even if working from home. Have a regular time to wake and to go to bed. Have periods where you allow your body and brain to feel stimulated and engaged, and other periods to feel excited and relaxed. Try to keep weekends free, to allow yourself to recharge for the week ahead. Have time for yourself and others.

Organise your environment

Organizing your environment, especially if you are working from home, will help you be more productive. Break it down into small tasks, let go of items that don’t serve you and remove distractions that come in your way.

Dedicated time and space to work

If you are working from home, it’s good to have a dedicated workspace, where you can focus on work responsibilities. Have working hours, that allows you to switch off when work is finished. Remember to have regular breaks throughout the day.

Keep active

Finding time to keep active, whether outside or in the home can be good for fertility. Practicing yoga, stretching, running or walking are all good.

Healthy eating

Whether you are working in an office or from home, eating healthily is good for fertility. Cook food from scratch, using seasonal products and favouring unprocessed foods.
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